Slovenian farm-boy looking for longer stay

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Slovenian farm-boy looking for longer stay

Beitrag von Klemn am Fr Okt 11, 2013 1:14 pm

I'm 26 and currently living on a small farm (around 4-5ha of growing field and meadows) with some animals in south-eastern part of Slovenia. I know it's weird but I'm looking for a place to move. I would love to work somewhere more populated with people but also with a place to relax with lots of green-some kind of big village would be great for me. I like life in moving all the time,so maybe some place not only with farm but also with some side jobs that you are working like 'gasthaus' or beehives or market or if you are doing also baskets in the winter,... whatever just that there are different works and all the time something is happening. There is so much things I want to learn. I would love to stay somewhere for a longer time,help as I can...but I need my peace sometimes so I can work hard but when we are not working I need peace I need it so my own room would be appreciated Wink I need place where there are lots of opportunities, place where young people aren't escaping;) I have also some basic knowledge of German (four years in high school).
I'm available from November 2013.

Be great, cheers Klemen bounce 

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Re: Slovenian farm-boy looking for longer stay

Beitrag von Heupenmühle am Mo Nov 04, 2013 11:00 am

Hey Klemen,

we offer a lot of space as well as a wide scope of work, your own room and Bonn, Cologne and Koblenz are not far away.

If you are interested let us know!


Elena (Heupenmühle/507)


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