last minute opportunity ;-)

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last minute opportunity ;-)

Beitrag von Fercher von Steinwand e.V am Do Mai 17, 2018 8:43 pm

Hello wwoofer,

we still have room for four or five wwoofer in our workcamp in June.
If you like to learn milking cows or driving an old tractor, cutting hedges, shear sheep, build fences or throw honey, test your strength in the muck or while digging the garden - you should join us.
The farming we do is not a business for us to earn money. We do it because we think farming is an important part in a holistic way of life.
We are a living and working community with different workshops and bio-dynamic farming in Germany, Baden-Wuerttemberg.
We are doing carpentry, printing, video production, publishing and distribution and it's always possible to help here, too.
You can contact me here

Cordial Welcome!

PS: we are Hof number 27

Fercher von Steinwand e.V

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